Everything you need to know about moving to Reno, Nevada

Great weather, new jobs, a change — there are tons of reasons relocating to Reno is the right move. Perfectly balancing the difference between its sometimes-sordid history and its emerging status as a titan of business, Reno is home to more than casinos and late-night extravaganzas (though we love those too). Called the smallest big city in the United States, Reno is a top destination.

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Reno has been known as an explosion of fun and vibrancy for decades. At one point in history, it was the best place in the United States for a woman to get a divorce, and of course, it’s been famous for legal prostitution since its inception, not to mention it’s home to some of the best casinos. To add to its illustrious history, the entire Rat Pack crew — Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford — were proud to call this city their playing ground. Other celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable were also paragons of the city. 

Today, the city is as chic and classy as it is exciting and full of late-night glamor. The cultural scene is varied and more than fun — home to some of the best museums, outdoor excursions, and restaurants means there’s always something fun to do. Its proximity to Lake Tahoe is also a perk. Hiking, biking, and more await Reno residents.

Housing and Tax Benefits

Home to a still-reasonable housing market, Reno acts as an unbeatable destination for more than its surroundings and delightful weather — if you’re looking for a “four-season” climate that’s nonetheless not harsh in the summer or winter, the area is perfect. What’s more, its housing market is sensible, and even better, because Reno is perched in Northern Nevada, it does not have income or corporate taxes. Additionally, Reno is located near many other top cities, giving it a perfect location as well as great weather and local amenities. Being so close to Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and other great places makes it a top place to which to relocate. 

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Emerging Business and Local Improvements

In recent years, Reno has flipped its old reputation on its head to become a new head of business. When a new Tesla Gigafactory broke ground in the area in 2014, it took on a new reputation of business acumen and opportunity. Its burgeoning reputation as a haven for tech businesses and start-ups only adds to its allure. Better still, the quality of life in the area has only improved with new business opportunities. Reasonable housing, great amenities, ideal weather, plus a city that cares all combine to mean that relocating to Reno is the right move. 

Getting around will be easier than ever, too — the city is in the midst of perfecting local individual transport options, such as the scooter, making it perfect for anyone of any age to traverse the fun downtown. The downtown is constantly being revitalized and restored — every year is better than the last! New attractions, luxuries, amenities, and more are being updated all the time, making Reno perfect for its myriad of residents.

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Relocating to Reno

Relocating here has countless perks, the least of which being Reno’s dedication to fun festivals, community life, and business. Between tax benefits, a great housing market, a fun atmosphere, and business opportunities, the city is a great destination for anyone. 

Life in Reno is a nonstop adventure of fun, old-west coast glamor, and the gorgeous outdoors. People from every walk of life find things to love about their home in Reno.

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