Why Your Realtor Needs to be a Master Marketer

Why Your Realtor Needs to be a Master Marketer

  • Tayona Tate
  • 03/18/23

Working with a realtor is one of the best choices a person selling houses in Reno can make, as local professionals will have the expertise and knowledge to know how to reach interested buyers. Even within the cooling market trends of the Reno and Sparks area, a realtor will know how to take advantage of multiple strategies, which helps decrease the listing time of a property. Here are a few of the many reasons why your realtor needs to be a master marketer.

To reach buyers where they are

Increasing the potential buyer pool is important to generating offers, giving you, as a seller, a better chance of closing on a good deal. To do this, an agent needs to use multiple marketing strategies to meet buyers where they are. For local buyers or buyers who aren’t technologically savvy, an agent will put up physical markers like a sign in front of your home and may send out flyers with information about your property.

However, some buyers searching for Sparks luxury homes may not have the advantage of being local to the area. This is where digital marketing is key. Creating an online presence like a listing is an integral start. This creates a digital space where buyers can find your property’s particulars, regardless of time differences or scheduling barriers. Rather than waiting for buyers to come to you or your agent, online resources allow a buyer to reach your listing whenever they’re able to make a search.

A realtor should also boost your listing’s online presence by advertising their listing on different platforms. Using social media can increase your home listing’s visibility, as platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have large amounts of daily traffic. An agent will use this to their advantage, targeting ads to reach potentially interested buyers. Additionally, they’ll list your property on their personal websites, making it available to past or present clients.

To inform prospective buyers

An experienced realtor should know the importance of selling not just the property but also the location. Although an agent will take care to highlight your property’s specifics, they’ll also know how to market the surroundings. This is especially helpful for buyers who aren’t familiar with the area. Things that buyers look for in a location include amenities like nearby parks and trails, public transportation, school districts, and entertainment or shopping centers nearby.

A realtor marketing houses in Reno may add details of surrounding amenities like a high concentration of top-ranking public schools, parks great for families like Idlewild Park, which is a popular spot for events and annual celebrations, as well as the luxury spas and casinos nearby like the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. Realtors specializing in the Sparks area may market location perks like the Sparks Marina Park with its 77-acre lake, arts festivals throughout the year, and a friendly community.

To increase visibility

Ultimately, the goal of marketing is to increase your listing’s visibility, which helps buyers find your property and make an offer sooner. To do this, the first place a realtor will list your home is the local MLS. An MLS listing makes your property visible to other buyers’ agents in the area, which they’ll then show to buyers that they’re partnered with. By listing on the MLS, a seller gains the added benefits of a whole network of professionals.

Although MLS systems are only available to licensed real estate agents and realtors, the system feeds into other popular, public platforms buyers use in their individual searches. With your listing circulating through these platforms, a seller has a better chance of competing with other houses in Reno. A realtor who knows how to market won’t underestimate the power of the MLS and will complement listings with other marketing strategies for the most success.

To get the details correct

Getting the details right the first time helps buyers make confident decisions they won’t back out on once they see a property in person. When listing on the MLS, there are regulations in place that monitor a listing’s accuracy. A realtor will know the impact that quality photos have on an online listing, as it’s the first thing that buyers see. To capture the attention of searchers, a realtor will order professional photos for your home that are well-organized and composed to translate well on whichever device a buyer uses.

The price of a property also has a large impact on a home sale, as pricing too high or too low can be disadvantageous to a seller. Also, pricing incorrectly can make it more difficult for a buyer to find a property. A realtor will use a comparative market analysis to price your home correctly. Currently, homes in the area have a median sales price of $551,004, although an agent will know how to factor in specifics like a property’s upgrades, location, and size.

To sell a home quickly

With effective marketing, a home can sell much quicker than under normal circumstances. This is because, in addition to marketing strategies, a realtor monitors market trends to time a listing correctly. In the Reno and Sparks area, a cooling market is evident in decreasing closed sales, down 37.1%, as well as an increase in active inventory, up 116.5%. With this information, an agent will know how to price competitively and market strategically to sell quickly. They can also advise on when the best time to list for a speedy sale is, which is in March for areas like Reno.

Ready to work with a realtor?

A realtor who’s a master marketer will know how to implement their skills to reach a broad spectrum of buyers, increase your property’s visibility, and time out a quick sale. When you’re ready to work with a local professional, contact experienced agent Tayona Tate to guide you through the process.

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