Why It Helps to Work with the Same Realtor When Buying & Selling

Why It Helps to Work with the Same Realtor When Buying & Selling

  • Tayona Tate
  • 11/30/22

Using an exceptional realtor when you need to sell your current home while seeking a new one can simplify the undertaking. Eager agents are thrilled to help with this robust set of tasks. Here are some advantages to enlisting one agent for both sides of the coin.

Proven talents are a must

A real estate agent with a strong track record on both sides of the market is ideal. Investigating the professional’s reputation is helpful. It’s an excellent tactic to check their prior accomplishments to see if they lean towards buying or selling. With comparative market analysis tools and knowledge of the closing process, the negotiator will tackle the situation, whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. If your broker excels at both, you’ve struck gold. The right realtor has powerful negotiation strategies to target the closing date and avoid residence gaps. Should the phases not align perfectly, a veteran will know to push for a contingency in the closing agreement and other options that protect you if plans go awry.

The timing will be smooth

When it’s time to sell your Reno property and move right into a new one, using the same realtor has many benefits. One of the most pertinent is their ability to align both processes for an easy transition. Supreme brokers have a built-in strategy for streamlining selling tasks. With substantial knowledge of what buyers and sellers are experiencing in your local market, the agent will be able to coordinate the path for a stress-free experience. They will easily schedule appointments, signings, viewings, and other components of each phase of the process. These skills will synchronize your shift immaculately.

It saves time and hassle

The journey will be as straightforward as the destination when working with the same professional. Instead of being faced with two sets of phone calls, meetings, and communication styles, you’ll be able to accomplish more with less. One email can cover preferences for a new home and goals for selling the old one. Phone calls and appointments, while lengthy, can be reduced in number. A brief text to check in on updates to the same number reduces your to-do list. Fewer meetings on the calendar open up your schedule for the rest of your business and personal responsibilities. Stick with the same agent for a less complex real estate experience.

Familiarity leads to triumph

When having an initial consultation with your realtor, a fellowship is established. The agent understands your needs and personality, and you know their communication style and methods. If you’ve used this agent in the past, they are mindful of the preferences of your household. You’ll save time by not having to go through background explanations and introduce the size of your family, what type of career you’re in, or the neighborhoods that bring you happiness. It’s essential for there to be rapport in any kind of business environment, so you’ll have more fortune using one realtor that you click with than trying to discover two.

Expert local guidance

A realtor who knows your former and future locales can provide the best assistance. If you desire to relocate from a house in Reno to a Sparks luxury home, top agents can navigate both markets. Those with extensive experience will have prowess in the central metro area and its surrounding suburbs. This level of familiarity would be an advantage, as they can match your buyer and seller inclinations.

Trust is solidified

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If you’ve selected one realtor for two roles, you’ve entrusted them to cover many bases. Integrity comes into play here. While agents have automatic fiduciary responsibility by law, trustworthiness means going above and beyond transparency requirements. Noticing a solid reputation in the community from word of mouth or online reviews is a great indicator. A professional that’s helped you in the past would most likely have gained your trust, so asking for repeat business fosters mutual respect. Partnering with a broker who you can count on will lead to success.

Targeted financial advisement

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Using the same realtor removes any question regarding maximizing revenue, as they are present during every phase. They will know what closing price your former home went for and can direct you to listings of Reno's new homes for sale that won’t cut into your profit. The representative can calculate what percentage down payment and final mortgage agreement will leave you with wiggle room. Beyond this movement of capital, the realtor knows the ins and outs of your asset performance and can provide comprehensive recommendations for your future.

One designated attorney from front to back

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Having one real estate attorney in lew of two is a strong point. As your realtor will likely have a dedicated lawyer they’ve worked with over the years, it’s one more thing to take off your to-do list. The attorney can evaluate any documents drawn up, such as purchase agreements and closing documents, to ensure all legal stipulations have been fulfilled. The attorney can conduct a title search on the buying spectrum when you’ve narrowed down a property. This procedure eliminates the risk of your deal falling through at the eleventh hour. If upgrading or renovating seems necessary, this professional can look into the local property and land usage policy. With such noteworthy responsibilities, it’s a plus if your realtor has someone on hand to cover the entire experience.

The right realtor is a supportive business partner

Having a sidekick with your best interests in mind will lead to a positive outcome. They can advise you when the best time is to buy and sell and if you’re in the right place to do so. The agent can comfort you when the stress of staging and marketing while browning new home listings gets overwhelming. At the closing table, they will go to bat for you, whether it be pushing for the best offer or convincing the seller that you’re the right buyer. Forging a bond with your real estate agent will lead to long-term rewards.

Tayona Tate is a lifelong Reno and Sparks resident with proven real estate talent. Her experience spans over two decades of success in a myriad of roles. Contact Tayona today.

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