Staged Homes Sell 25% Faster and Here’s How to Get Started

Staged Homes Sell 25% Faster and Here’s How to Get Started

  • Tayona Tate
  • 08/10/22

Selling a home is a large step for anybody, and staging a home helps a seller put their best foot forward. Not only do staged homes sell 25 percent faster, but 47 percent of buyers’ agents reported that staging affects a buyer’s view of a home and 82 percent of buyers’ agents reported that professionally staged houses are easier for a buyer to see as a future home for their families.

For people selling their homes or those interested in Picket Fence real estate, it’s a worthy investment to understand what home staging is and how to do it. And buying real estate agents like Tayona Tate can provide priceless advice when understanding what appeals to a buyer’s eye.

What staging a home means

The most important thing to understand about staging a home is that it’s not the same as decorating a home. Although there are decorating elements, the goal of staging a home is to arrange furniture and decor in such a way as to create an experience that appeals to buyers interested in potentially buying your home.

There are some serious benefits to staging your home that make the extra effort worth it in the long run. 29 percent of sellers’ agents reported that prices for staged homes were one to five percent higher than unstaged ones. Staging also helps potential buyers focus on the home’s strengths instead of potential problems, which can affect their decision to buy.

With a better understanding of what home staging is and why you should stage your home, here are some ways to begin the home staging process.

Increase curb appeal

This refers to the appearance of the outside of your home. Having good curb appeal is integral for a buyer’s first impression of a home, as it can encourage or deter them from considering buying a property like Picket Fence real estate. Some ways to increase curb appeal include keeping up with front yard maintenance like mowing the lawn or raking landscaping rock, trimming trees and shrubs, and pulling out weeds.

Sellers can also wash off walkways and driveways, powerwash the outside of their homes, and spruce up outdoor furniture. As potential buyers will be walking through the front door, make sure the areas around it are clean of dust, cobwebs, or dead plant matter. A new doormat or well-placed plant can also freshen up the area for interested buyers.

Declutter and deep clean

The last thing buyers want to see is a dirty home, as it indicates sellers may not have cared for the property and that there may be other problems with the house. A cluttered home also appears smaller to those looking at the property, which affects a buyer’s interest.

Declutter your house by donating or throwing away items you haven’t used in a while. This includes clothes, old cans in the pantry, unused appliances, and pieces of furniture. For items you want to keep for the future, invest in a storage unit. Filling closets with storage boxes, although convenient, still affects a buyer’s perception of your home.

Once you have decluttered your home, you can begin deep cleaning it. Clean every corner of the bathroom, kitchen counters and appliances, and windows. Vacuuming and removing stains from carpets as well as mopping and sweeping floors are a must. Dust furniture, cabinets, drawers, ceiling fans, and anything else in your home that collects dust. If a deep clean seems too big of a task, hire professional help.

Depersonalize spaces

Although the personal touches you’ve incorporated into rooms create a sense of life and style, it can hinder a buyer’s ability to picture how they might fit into the space themselves. While selling, pack up items like family photos, personal trinkets, unique decor, and anything else that may affect a buyer’s ability to visualize the space.

This may also include painting over an accent wall or storing a statement piece of furniture. While bright colors and fun patterns can attract the eye, agents like Tayona Tate know it’s best to create a neutral color pallet in your home, as this will help broaden the property’s appeal to buyers with a range of personal tastes.

Focus on these rooms first

It can be a large investment to stage a whole home. If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect, researchers say you should first focus on staging main areas like the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. To do this, make sure the furniture layout of the master and living rooms doesn’t impede natural walkways and have a focal point, that the areas are clear of clutter and mess, and that these rooms appear clear, bright, and inviting.

Spaces without a discernible purpose or that are strangely shaped can benefit from staging as well. Turning an attic into an office space, a circular nook into a reading room, or an extra front room into a sitting area can help buyers view the space as a unique strength rather than something to fix.

Increase and uniform lighting

Agents like Tayona Tate know that bright rooms are inviting to interested buyers. Natural light helps open up spaces in your house. To get the most out of natural light, sellers should open their blinds and curtains or get rid of dark and heavy curtains altogether.

Sellers should leave on all the lights in a home for a showing. Make sure the bulbs in your house are a uniform color and wattage. Replace bulbs that have gone out or are old. Clean existing light fixtures to boost their appeal and make the light as bright as possible. All of these things will help strengthen your home’s appeal and pique a buyer’s interest.

Ready to stage your home?

With a new understanding of what staging a home is, why it’s important, and where to begin, you’re ready to begin your home staging process. And buyers interested in Picket Fence real estate now know what to look out for when searching for a home. For help with your own home search, contact Tayona Tate to guide you through the process.

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